Bulgarian Association of Hotel Executives gets together and serves the professionals involved in the management of hotels and hotel groups – GMs, CEOs, COOs, Cluster GMs, owners, etc.

The goals of the association are related to professional end personal development. BAHE is a sort of club, a guild, which:

  • sets-up a platform for regular networking between like-minded people.
  • provides opportunities for debate on current issues and industry trends.
  • through different seminars, workshops, webinars, and conferences assist its members and their employees in enhancing their professional qualification and knowledge.
  • assists its members in attracting new customers.
  • develops a partner network of organizations and suppliers and provide access of its members to the best available deals and offers.
  • aims at partnering with international organizations which share similar ideas and values.
  • works on developing an ethical code as well as on creating and keeping a positive professional image of the people involved in hotel operations.

More information (in Bulgarian):
Bulgarian Association of Hotel Executives